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Frequently Asked Questions

What size dumpster will I need?

Check out our dumpster sizing pages for exact dimension and general job applications. Or, give us a call with your job details and we can assist you with finding the right size for the job.

How high can I load the dumpster?

All dumpsters must be covered with a tarp prior to transporting. Nothing should be loaded that exceeds the sides of the dumpster. Please try to keep the loading as flat and evenly distributed as possible. If the driver needs to adjust the load prior to tarping, additional charges may be applied.

What can’t I load in the dumpster?

Per EPA guidelines, we cannot dispose of the following materials:

  • Car and Truck batteries
  • Propane Tanks
  • Paint Cans
  • Medical Waste / Biohazard materials
  • Liquids/ Solvents/ Chemicals
  • Items containing Gas or Oil

Can I place this dumpster on my street?

Most municipalities have their own restrictions. If you are placing the dumpster in the City of Philadelphia on the street, you will be required to obtain a permit. The link to their site is here (http://www.philadelphiastreets.com/highways/street-closure-permits/permit-rates/ ) Contact your local municipal office to see what they require.

How far in advance do I need to order my dumpster?

Booking as far in advance as possible is always the best option. However, we usually are able to respond to a request within 24 hours.

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